Farmer life is such a difficult one.In many states of India I saw that they are waiting for rain. Every year infinite number of farmers take step to  suicide. Well In today’s time it become difficult to plant a crop. They do hard work whole year either its hot or cold. Farmer hired a hand who look after his crops. Because of feeder whole Nation feed on daily basis. We should thank them. They are the real agriculturalist. In many country of whole world Farmers are also known as Country person. #cropper

Brain work.

Traveling is the best thing. I love to travel and visit to new place. After all while traveling I made new friends, meet different personalities with different attitude. While traveling I’m looking for a new and creative things which I can do. Two days ago in Indore its 2 in noon. A school bus was standing in a no parking place. There was water around bus. I want to do something creative. So I capture the reflection in water. In post production after rotating Picture this is a final output now. Hope you guys like it and do this thing in future . I love to see notifications when i got tagged in post.

Iron Person.!

It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up. Coming back with brand new story. Last day in bhopal was full of fun. While coming back from Indore in a local bus i start talking to guy sitting next to me. He is from Nagpur (Maharashtra). He started telling me story of his friend who’s name is Amit Sharma. Amit’s son got a gold medal in Thai boxing on national level and he suggests me to make a video on him. After sharing number I make a call to Mr. Amit and tell him about myself in brief.
Moving further after taking time from Amit. I make a visit at his place and talk to his son. His son’s name is Rajan Sharma making him comfortable like his friend so he won’t hesitate to share his experience with me. His father is very friendly and very supportive. Rajan mother is a government servant. His financial condition is good. I told Rajan about myself and how I make videos on our youth so they get a platform in future. Rajan sounds good when he said he is ready for a video and he is excited too. While filming him his father got emotional. Rajan is so happy because he done with his video. After completion of the video. I resumed again with my journey to explore to India.

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Welcome back to new story. After seeing so many reality check now Its time for fun. As I covered many villages last month and mostly cover the issues of the area. This time I’m here in Madhya Pradesh in Indore. So after finish my visit in Maharashtra I booked my ticket to Madhya Pradesh (Indore). While in Maharashtra many people said you need to visit SHRI OMKARESHWAR JOTIR LING MANDIR. Journey to temple was good all because of blessing of lord Shiva.This temple is located near Narmada river. You need to cross that river by hiring a boat or on foot from that rope bridge.
Moreover, If you see this mountain from the height its in OM shape as local people said. So when I visit this place people from every corner of India were at place Some of them book boat and other go to temple by rope bridge. I experienced both. It was good experience when we hired a boat but the excitement goes on another level when you walk on rope bridge. If you are crossing bridge it moves from left to right and heavy Vehicles like Car, Trucks usually cross because of after crossing bridge, first you find yourself in a market where you can buy Flowers, Fast food joints, Toys and many other stores
Moving further, Infinite number of people were there. Those people who came by boat had there own experience just like between two mountains you were crossing Narmada river by boat. Evening view from the river is just awesome. View is like sun is setting down in sky and you are sitting in a boat in between mountains and no body can stop their hand to open there camera and freeze that moment. I swear,everyone became photographer at that time . Boat charge 50 bucks in Indian currency. Whole trip to this historic place was full of excitement. Enjoyed alot ,I personally suggest others to visit there.
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Life is all about settlement.Everyone has to compromise in every thing.Some are compromising in there livingstyle and some are in there eating habits.Poor people or we can say the people who are rich from heart. They compromise on each and every thing. Lets start with new topic.
Today when I was in Nagpur. I was doing survey of area and roaming on roads. There is no one with whom I start talking. After One Hour this lady was coming to my way. She was grazing cows. Her name was Sangeeta.She was coming from field. Everyday she take her cows to farm for grazing and the temperature is around 45°celcius. When I saw her doing work at the age of 70 I was shocked. After all , at this age person should take rest from work. I had a word with her. She took me to her house.Her House was made up of mud and in her House Sangeeta’s husband was laying on bed who is Peralised. His name is Ankit Rawat. They both are living in such a poor condition. Sangeeta told me her story. That her both children rejects them. Her children are not ready to take blessings of them. Now Sangeeta use to earn money so she and her husband had dinner and she is saving money for treatment of her husband. When she was telling her story she got water in her eyes.
Moving further. Both Sangeeta and her husband have not receive benefits of government schemes just like others. Sewerage system is so bad In front of her house that is so difficult to stay. But Sangeeta try every possible way to earn money and continue with treatment so her husband would start walking. Everyone has family problems and she has also .Her children sold all her property and now they have house in big city but now there is no one to look after Sangeeta and her husband. World is full of problems. After have a good talk with her I moved to the farm where she work Only in rainy season.Before rainy season she usually do Booming & Mopping in other houses. Her life is full of struggle. After I finished my survey in Sangeeta’s place now. I move forward to visit some other house

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Hey coming back with new state. Few months ago. I was traveling in Rajasthan. It was a. Nice place there are many ancient Villa’s. Best place in Rajasthan to visit is Jaipur. This place is also known as Pink city. Very beautiful and well developed place .So lets start each coin has two sides.While seeing a beautiful of  Rajasthan  I reached to the place where real god live. I found a slum area where people live happy life. They don’t have any stress about anything. People from area live in a place where they work for dinner not to save money to buy expensive motor vehicles or to built  bunglow. Before moving in area i got scared but as i going inside that colony i found people were very friendly. Some of them Pull me to my right and some to my left.I was totally confused at that time. I dont know how to react
on that situation.Then they took me to place where whole colony was there.Finally one guy from crowd comes out and ask me from where are. You and what are you doing in our area. As people from big cities always putt blame on us.I replied ‘Hi im a travel photographer and. I love to visit new places and explore india’. He took me to the place where.I saw this girl for first time. Her name is Viashali. She’s a vegetable seller and she is in college. She earn money so she deposit her college fees.Her dream is to become a Doctor
Moving further. Viashali is very hard working girl. She give free tution classes in locality. So when children from area grow up they get a good job.When i was listening her story i got goosebumps at that time.She was cleaning utensils in house.I found a great shot.When i remove lens cap she started smiling.Good people found happiness in small things.After freezing her moment and talking to Viashali I continued my journey to other village. But yes I want to say In slum areas many applicants have not receive house on indian government schemes.There is poor condition of roads,They dont have good supply of drinking water. Still they are more happier then other people who live in cities

Strangers become friends !!!

This gyu is very hip and cool. Here today I take you back to that memory.Well that was a best time. Very first time when I saw her. Her name is manreek kaur randhawa. After saw manreek automatically my brain started giving command to my hand go and pick your monster(CAMERA).Before capturing her in frame I request to her mother should I take her photographs because she is adorable.Manreek mother started talking and start discussion with her husband and after. Couple of minutes she said yes you can. I grab my camera and start capturing her moment with her mother and father. Manreek family was so happy when they saw me that much excited.Manreek is from Canada. Her mother and father lives in Canada and they came to india to attend the wedding.Distance from my place to there hotel is around 2miles
Moving further I spend precious time with manreek. Her family is so nice.When I was clicking photos of manreek her mother started making a video clip and said I’ll show this video to manreek when she will grow up.Me and Manreek’s father laughed so loud.That time was best.Before photoshoot this randhawa family feels so awkward to even talk to me as time keeps on ticking and continue with shoot we exchange our numbers and  we have a great bound.They suggest my name to there relatives for every type of shoot.I really hope if in future I get a chance to travel to Canada I definitely visit to Manreek’s house and show her photos which I clicked that time.

Burning family

She is cute and Kind hearted lady.Her Financial condition is so bad and she is the only one who earn in her house. Her husband died because of cancer.moreover after husband’s death people from that village helps her alot. So that her family won’t face any problem. She still has faith in god. After visit her place i saw how she fulfill the demands of their children’s. Her children’s even dont know from where her mother earn. She has two children younger one is Anita and elder one is Shubham.Shubham is 10 years and Anita is 5 years old.Talking to them and spending time with them made my day great. I forgot all my problems at that time. So finally had a word with her mother. Before started talking to her. I saw she was crying and the reason behind why she had water in her eyes because she never expect some stranger spend a good time with her family and its a cold water.Even i got emotional too. Neighbors told me that she is working so hard for bright future of her children’s. Early morning she go to farm ,in noon visit to other people houses to wash there utensils after that around 6 in evening she sell water bottles. Before going to farm she drop Anita to courtyard shelter.Shubham took Anita in noon and they stay in house complete their home work.

Moving further. After having a chit chat with all neighbors. Something new and shocking news I heard about them. Shubham got an international award in game known as shiv kala.This game is very popular among the people in India.I was surprised to see that a guy got a gold medal for India and still her family is not getting any reward and they live in such bad condition.Shubham’s uncle support him alot in games and give him money to get participated in upcoming matches.In the end I give great heartfill wishes to them and her livingstyle inspire me a lot to explore the further India.

Story of Maharashtra

Today here i  want  to share about the roads of Maharashtra.  Last month when me and my team  was travelling in a village of Maharashtra. Its a good State to visit and there are many historical Places to visit. But on the other hand. When we travelling from one village to another. I personally feel so many critical problems. At that time i cant Imagine how people from the  area or that village survive. Let’s coming to point when we were moving here and there we saw a autorikshaw stuck in mud. Because of poor condition of road. Me and my squad stop and we saw how. They trying to get autorikshaw out of mud. One of the  team member of  rikshaw’s team come to us ask for help. To get there vehicle out. One of our team member raise his hand and start helping that guys. As time keeps on ticking they can’t find any solution. So i started helping them and. Give them idea to do like this and is was the. Best day of my life when i heard a sound and one of the guy from rikshaw’s team whisper in my ears and said. Go and drive we are trying our best you just need to push accelerator me and my team help them to get there autorikshaw out of mud. It took around two hours and i saw water in the eyes of other team. It was a wonderful days and ends with a good memory

Moreover we found still in 2019 in india there are so many villages where people were living in such bad condition. They use to live where there is no supply of water. They are. Not able to take  use of. Government schemes which indian government is providing to their people.They were live in such bad condition that there is no facility of Public transport,Hospitals,Ambulance,Water for farmers, Potable water , Sewerage and Unemployment problems. I was Totally shocked to see such problems. How they live in such condition ” I wonder ” After completing my survey in Maharashtra my  excitement had no bounds but at the same time I’m worried and much disappointed on the poor living condition of people.

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